Close up of the blue crackled glass of a tulip vase from Tara Projects in Delhi
Close up of the blue crackled glass of a tulip vase from Tara Projects in Delhi

Sadly our store is closing.


Due to falling sales we are closing our shop in Stopsley Luton. The doors will close for the last time at 5pm on Thursday 23rd June.




'Moonglass' and Silver Earrings


Whether your taste lies in silver & gem jewellery or more economical 'fun' pieces, you'll find plenty to choose from at My Fair World.


Here we feature one of our top selling items a classic pair of earrings made from sterling silver by skilled workers in Indonesia. The special feature of this design is that the 'moonglass' material picks up the colour of its background so the earrings can be worn with pretty much any colour of outfit and will always look as if they were chosen to tone with that particular clothing. Also, unlike much silver jewellery where the design is simply stamped into the metal, silver from this supplier is painstakingly built up in layers to create the design.


Our supplier Sabine who trades as the fair trade importer 'Pachamama' has worked with these craftspeople for many years, standing by them when trade is difficult and encouraging them to develop new designs to meet market conditions and the changing tastes of consumers.


The purchase of an item like this brings a classic piece into your wardrobe which you will cherish for many years.

Gifts, homewares, accessories, cards.


The shop stocks a huge range of fairly traded and ethical products. As well as old favourites you'll always find something new and interesting.


A special gift, a small treat or some fairly traded candles for a birthday cake? Something to enhance your home or just a practical ball of twine? 


Choose beautiful handmade greetings cards or keenly priced printed cards. There's silver jewellery, fun jewellery and fashion accessories such as scarves, purses and socks.


Browse gorgeous natural fibre machine washable baby toys safe for use from birth onwards or be entranced by wonderful handmade incenses and soaps.

Foods, drinks, chocolate, treats


There's everything you would expect in a shop dedicated to fairtrade, tea, coffee, sweets, biscuits, rice, pasta, olive oil, nuts, dried fruits, honey, plus things you might not expect e.g. ready to eat quinoa, coconut oil, pasta sauce, preserves, spice grinders, canned beans.


Look away now if you're a chocoholic! Better still rush round to choose from a great range of fairly traded Traidcraft and Divine chocolate bars. Are you an 85% Dark Chocolate person or a White Chocolate with Strawberries person? That's just the start of the options on offer...



Original. Beautiful. Ethical.

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