Close up of tree of life carving on a soapstone box
Close up of tree of life carving on a soapstone box

Seasonal Products


Valentine's Day is coming up and we have gifts for your loved one to treasure such as these soapstone hearts hand carved by the artisans at Undugu Fair Trade in Kenya. Each heart is unique owing to the variations in the colour of the soapstone and the individual actions of the carver. Of course, if you prefer a more under-stated way of expressing your affection, we have lots of lovely but non-heart related gifts and cards and you are sure to find something just right.


A fair trade gift or card gives twice. Once for the person you are giving to, + 1 for the producer whose fairly paid work enhances their own life. It's a win win situation and maybe it is a +1 for you too for spending your money so wisely to give something original beautiful and ethical to the person you care for.


Gifts, homewares, accessories, cards.


The shop stocks a huge range of fairly traded and ethical products. As well as old favourites you'll always find something new and interesting.


A special gift, a small treat or some fairly traded candles for a birthday cake? Something to enhance your home or just a practical ball of twine? 


Choose beautiful handmade greetings cards or keenly priced printed cards. There's silver jewellery, fun jewellery and fashion accessories such as scarves, purses and socks.


Browse gorgeous natural fibre machine washable baby toys safe for use from birth onwards or be entranced by wonderful handmade incenses and soaps.

Foods, drinks, chocolate, treats


There's everything you would expect in a shop dedicated to fairtrade, tea, coffee, sweets, biscuits, rice, pasta, olive oil, nuts, dried fruits, honey, plus things you might not expect e.g. ready to eat quinoa, coconut oil, pasta sauce, preserves, spice grinders, canned beans.


Look away now if you're a chocoholic! Better still rush round to choose from a great range of fairly traded Traidcraft and Divine chocolate bars. Are you an 85% Dark Chocolate person or a White Chocolate with Strawberries person? That's just the start of the options on offer...



Original. Beautiful. Ethical.

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